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Partner Services

Strategic partnerships to complement existing services

Why Partner With Us?

Skills and knowledge to complement your own business

We have a strong partner background, having collaborated with various partners over many years. Instead of relying on expensive in-house resource, partnering with us, will help save you costs. Our experienced team of consultants have a wealth of knowledge that will complement your business. If you require more specialist expertise, we can help you with that too, through our extensive industry contacts.  

In addition to our training and consultancy services, we can also support you on any tender responses or product demonstrations. We’re representing your business, getting to know how you work and where we can really add value. Our training and consultancy services will not only benefit your clients business, it also provides an additional revenue stream for your business too.

What We Do

Bespoke training and consultancy services

We work alongside partners, to provide training and consultancy services, to complement new and existing technological solutions in telephony, contact centres and collaborative working solutions, including Microsoft 365 and Teams applications.

Working in partnership with you, we get to know your clients business, so we can deliver bespoke training courses to meet their business needs. This may include live training sessions, customised training materials, such as user guides and videos, go live support and virtual floor walking, during those crucial go live days.

Solutions we train on:

  • Full Microsoft 365 suite – including Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and other key applications
  • Voice solutions - Teams Voice, Landis Attendant Console, Cisco Webex, Gamma Horizon, Alcatel Lucent Omni PCS Enterprise (OXE), Alcatel Lucent Rainbow Hub
  • Contact Centre solutions - Puzzel, Alcatel Lucent, Avaya, Mitel, Akixi, Gamma, Genesys
  • Call Recording solutions - Call Cabinet
  • Reporting & Analytics tools - Code/Clobba, Akixi, as well as multiple build in/vendor specific real time and reporting tools

How We Work With Partners

  • You will be allocated a key contact to answer any queries you may have.
  • We are flexible, fitting into your processes for quotes, raising PO's and invoicing.
  • We create tailored training agendas and resources, so you don’t have to!
  • Our Gold partners will have access to a dedicated Teams channel for quick communication – allowing you to raise a new job quickly and easily, view available training resources and access customised training documentation.
  • We’re a trusted partner with regards to our integrity, cyber security accreditation and employees checks, with many of our partners holding ISO20007 accreditation.

Even with our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we’re still small enough to be flexible to meet your business needs. You’ll find our booking and admin processes very easy, taking the stress out of partnering with us. 

Why sell our Training and Consultancy services?

Our services benefit both you and your customers


  • Instead of relying on expensive in-house resources, partnering with us will help save you costs.
  • Our training and consultancy services will not only benefit your customers business, it also provides an additional revenue stream for your business too.
  • We know that rolling out a project takes a lot of work, our training courses will help you complete a project and ensure the strategic objectives are met.
  • If you require more specialist expertise, we can help you with that too, through our extensive industry contacts.
  • Our services help improve overall project feedback. If users like the new system, they are more likely to see the project as a success, great for both you and your customer.
  • Our experienced team of consultants know how to spot improvements and upsell potential new features/applications, great for your ongoing customer relationship and future pipeline!

Your Customer

  • Training helps employees learn best practices and ways of working, helping to reduce errors and rework, improving productivity and efficiencies.
  • Training ensures all employees follow the same standards and processes for their work, creating a consistent and reliable output, helping to enhance customer satisfaction and corporate/brand reputation.
  • Training helps boost employee confidence and morale, they feel more competent and valued in their roles, helping to increase employee engagement, motivation, and retention.
  • Training helps employees develop new skills that are relevant and aligned to an organisation’s strategy, helping to improve efficiencies and support your customers growth, goals, and ambitions.
  • Training ensures users are confident using a system/application as per your design, helping to meet your project objectives and ensuring a return on investment.

Partner with us today

Untap the benefits of our training and consultancy services and add value to your business, by partnering with us. We have a wealth of experience with businesses, public sector organisations and charities.

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