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Corporate Mobile Solutions

The most cost effective solution for your corporate contract

What are Coporate Mobiles?

Corporate mobiles are designed to be purchased in bulk and distributed across the organisation.  Whilst individual spending is captured, billing is centralised for all mobile services.  During set up, usage alerts and user spend caps are implemented to reduce "bill shock". 

Therefore corporate mobile contracts can be cheaper and more efficient than purchasing individual personal contracts.   

How much data will users have as part of their package?

Like personal contracts data can be allocated to individual users with an agreed GB allowance.  However, it is also possible to purchase data bundles that enables a group of users to share data.  This works particularly well if there are varying user cases across the business, for example perhaps some mobiles are provided for “on call only” or the user is typically connected to WiFi whilst others are on the road all the time using 3/4G data. 

Can I move a mixture of networks and contracts onto a corporate mobile contract?

Yes, our team will work with you to migrate existing contracts to one central corporate contract. 

How do we move our mobiles to Cloud9 Business Services?

Our team will firstly work with you to understand current usage to recommend the best solution.  This will include factors such as data usage, international travelling or calling considerations, service strength at main locations eg head office and any other business impacting considerations 

Once a mobile plan has been agreed our team will work with your business to gather the relevant information in order to migrate to the proposed solution. 

Do you provide smart phone devices?

Yes, smart phones can be added to a corporate mobile contract or purchased as a one off cost.  Our standard contracts are SIM only allowing flexibility to reuse existing handsets where appropriate.    individual personal contracts.   

Why Use Cloud9 Business Services?

  • Easy to deal with make process smooth
  • Recommend a solution to meeting business needs
  • Work with all the major operators
  • Competitive pricing with standard mobile contracts starting at £15.95 per month for 5GB data and a current offer of £22 per month for unlimited data (excl. VAT)
  • Can provide handsets at competitive pricing
  • Centralised invoicing for mobiles and other Cloud9 Business Services contracts