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All businesses now rely on internet connection for communication, document storage, CRMs and other critical business applications. Therefore important to invest in the right solution in the first instance as outages can prove to be more costly in the long run. Cloud9 Business Services listen to business requirements and propose the best solution based on that and location - also advise on any planned infrastructure changes in your area for example Fibre to the Premise (Fttp)

Connectivity Options Available

Meet all your connectivity needs

with our choice of solutions



£46 / month
  • Speeds up to 80 Mbps
  • Guest Wifi
  • Fixed IP address

Fibre to Premise


£48 / month
  • Speeds up to 1000Mbps
  • Guest Wifi
  • Fixed IP address

Leased Lines


£280 / month
  • Choose your speed
  • Guest Wifi
  • Fixed IP address

Mobile Data


£10 / 1GB
  • Speeds up to 80Mbps*
  • Guest Wifi
  • Fixed IP address**

*Average speeds are based on the downloads speeds. Speeds can be affected by a range of technical factors. We will check the estimated speed to your property before purchasing.
**extra charge incurred for fixed IP.

Broadband options

FTTC - Stands for Fibre to Cabinet is this is being phased out and being replaced by SoGEA. This will ensure you will be ready for the 2025 "switch off".

SoGEA - Fibre is the most widespread reliable broadband. As you don’t require a phone line this will also future proofs you. The fibre connects straight to your office / home however this will be a shared connection with other people in your area but you will have a static IP adress.  

FTTP - Fibre to Premise is a fibre connection from the exchange direct into your business / home. It allows you to choose the speeds up to 1000Mbps and once this is installed it delivers on committed speeds at affordable costs.  

Leased Line - Business broadband tends to offer more generous or unlimited upload and download allowances with higher speeds.  Some packages have priority to business users at peak times. It automatically comes with static IP address which businesses need to host their own services such as emails, CCTV systems etc. 

Why would I buy a leased line over Fibre?

Leased Lines are a dedicated connection between the local exchange and your premises. It is only used by your business so you have all the bandwidth and 99.99% up time with reactive SLA's agreements. These are ideal for businesses that run multiple cloud applications, business telephoney, VPN's and need to upload large amount of data.  

What are the benefits of a leased line?

Leased lines offer several advantages for businesses and organizations that require dedicated, reliable, and high-speed internet connectivity. Some of the key benefits include: 

Reliability: Leased lines provide a dedicated connection between two points, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity. This dedicated line is not shared with other users, reducing the risk of congestion or slowdowns during peak times. 

High Performance: They offer high-speed, symmetrical data transfer rates, meaning the upload and download speeds are the same. This can be crucial for businesses that need to transmit large amounts of data quickly and consistently. 

Guaranteed Bandwidth: Unlike broadband connections, where the bandwidth may fluctuate based on usage in the area, leased lines offer a fixed bandwidth that is guaranteed for the user. This ensures consistent performance levels. 

Security: Leased lines are more secure than standard internet connections as they are not exposed to the public internet. This reduces the risk of data interception or security breaches, making them ideal for transmitting sensitive information. 

Scalability: Leased lines can be easily scaled to accommodate increased bandwidth requirements as a business grows. Providers can often adjust the bandwidth quickly to meet changing needs. 

Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Providers typically offer SLAs with leased lines, guaranteeing uptime and response times for issue resolution. This ensures a higher level of service and support compared to standard broadband connections. 

Quality of Service (QoS): Leased lines often come with QoS features that prioritize certain types of traffic (such as VoIP or video conferencing) over others, ensuring a consistent quality experience for critical applications. 

Business Continuity: Due to their reliability and dedicated nature, leased lines can be an essential component of a business continuity plan, ensuring that critical operations remain functional even during outages in regular internet services. 

Symmetric Upload and Download Speeds: Leased lines offer the same upload and download speeds, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses that regularly transfer large files or rely on real-time collaboration tools. 

Mobile Broadband -Mobile Broadband is offered by all network operators and allows you to work from any location and connect to the internet from various devices whether you are at home or on the move. It is often used as a reliable backup internet solution for emergencies or natural disasters.