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Have you considered your User Adoption strategy?

December 7, 2022 admin Comments Off


Are we getting the most out of MS Teams?

For many businesses today, hybrid meetings are the new normal, with employees joining from home, the office or on the go, using collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. But are people getting the most out of their Microsoft 365 and Teams experience?

These days most people know how to navigate the basics of MS Teams, but there are still varying levels of engagement and knowledge across organisations. This is often dependant on the individual user, their attitude to change, the training they received, as well as their ability to adopt new technologies. The successful user adoption of any new technology is very much dependent on all of these factors. But what does user adoption actually mean?

What is user adoption and why is it important?

You may have heard the term user adoption… but what does it actually mean? User adoption is the process by which new users become familiar with a product or service and decide to keep using it. For example, rolling out a new tech solution across an organisation, the way this process is handled is key to the successful ‘user adoption’ of this solution.

A successful user adoption strategy can help employees embrace new technology, which in turn will provide a better user experience, increase user engagement, boost productivity and ultimately improve employee retention.


What value does a successful user adoption strategy bring?

A successful user adoption strategy finds a way to reach all employees, at all levels across an organisation, educating them on a solution and convincing them that they need to use it.

For example, instead of using email for short conversation, why not use the chat function in MS Teams, helping to reduce email overload.

Another great example would be improving collaborative working using MS 365. MS 365 makes it easy for two or more people to work on the same document at the same time, even in different locations. No need to constantly email different versions of a document, instead a link can be shared on MS Teams, where everyone can contribute and finish the document together. It really does take collaboration and productivity to a new level!

How can we support you on your user adoption journey?

At Cloud9 Business Services we believe that all organisations large or small can benefit from modern, cloud-based solutions. We can work with you to review where you are on your MS 365 and Teams journey. We offer discovery sessions to help gain an insight into how your teams and departments work together and identify where efficiencies can be made. Our team will then make recommendations on a suitable user engagement programme. This may include live training sessions, tailored videos, user guides and corporate communications to support the smooth transition of any recommended changes.

Through our consultancy and training services, we have helped many organisations realise their business goals and with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, our experienced team will help your business remain competitive in today’s collaborative working world. Let us support you on your user adoption journey.