VoiP solutions for small to medium businesses London Hertfordshire

VoIP cloud phone systems provide telephony over the internet rather than at a fixed location meaning your business need never miss a call again.

Staff can make and receive calls via their business numbers without being restricted by location or device. With the current pandemic this flexibility has proved a requirement rather than a nice to have.

What are the benefits of VoIP cloud telephony?

One number anywhere

Calls ring to a user rather than a device allowing calls to be answered on a traditional desk phone, soft client on the pc / laptop or via an application on the mobile device.

If no suitable internet connectivity, calls can seamlessly ring to mobile phones or alternative numbers

Enables flexible and remote working

There are many features that enable flexible and remote working, here are some of the winners.

  • Staff can make and receive calls from any device using their business direct dials / numbers. This means staff do not need to give out personal mobiles when working remotely.
  • Staff can easily transfer or divert calls to colleagues as if they were in the office
  • Calls can be seamlessly moved from one device to another – start the call on your laptop but need to get out the door? No problem “pull” the call to your smart phone app without interrupting your conversation.

Lower Call Costs

  • IP telephony benefits from free site to site calls, it doesn’t matter where your staff are based, its free to call each other.
  • Free call bundles, we offer 4000 minutes of free calls per user per month within our standard license (details available upon request)

Number Choice

You have complete flexibility with the numbers you wish to use meaning that you are not tied to one geographical location or one number. For example you may wish to have one number for each of the individual dial codes that your business covers to show a local presence.

Improve Customer Service

  • Never lose calls by enabling multiple devices for each user
  • Allow calls to route to individuals or teams as required.
  • Support busy numbers with voicemail, all messages can be delivered by email for easy management.
  • Put calls on hold, play marketing messages, transfer to colleagues
  • Direct calls using automated attendant options
  • Use call recording for training and monitoring
  • Take advantage of call queueing and contact centre features

The list goes on!

Why Cloud9 Business Services?

The advantages of partnering with a smaller telecoms company is that we will build a partnership with your business and understand how important communication is whether it’s to your customers or to us. Customer service is absolutely key to Cloud9.

Our team take the time to understand your business needs and recommend the most appropriate set up. We also go ahead and get the system configured rather than expect you to do it yourself! After all we are the experts !

We are proud that we are contactable when you need us. We have email managing our service requests quickly and efficiently, however, if you prefer to explain in person, you can talk to someone directly during office hours.

If you are interested in a cloud telephony system and want to see how Cloud9 could help you grow your business, talk to us today.

Find out lots more here: - Telephone 01442 979910 Email: info@cloud9bs.co.uk