Whilst organisations typically have the necessary technical skills to deploy new technologies we often find that there is a shortage of the “softer” skills which we are believe are equally important for a successful project.

New technology may be running well but if users don’t know how and when to use the tools or why they should ie how it will directly benefit them, the uptake may not meet the original business outcome and ultimately won’t deliver a solid return on investment.

How can Cloud9 Business Services help?


If the business has a vision or a challenge to solve, but hasn’t yet selected a solution, let our team help with requirements gathering, sales requirement / tender documents and selection. We’ve done it many times before and can help avoid common pitfalls to ensure that the proposed solution ultimately meets the business’ needs.


Our experienced team can work with your organisation to create / review the communications and collaborative working strategy in line with overall business goals. We can engage with departments and specific teams to understand current challenges and future objectives in order to provide recommendations.

User Adoption:

Take advantage of user adoption strategies to ensure that staff are using the tools the business have invested in or are in the process of rolling out.

End User Training:

Allow us to write bespoke training solutions that reflect your specific deployment and environment allowing users to embrace the tools the business wish them to use.


Ensure documentation is specific to your business and environment whether it be requirement or configuration documents, training guides or manuals, quick help / cheat sheets.

Engaging with Cloud9 Business Services

Cloud9 Business Services provide bespoke proposals allowing clients and business partners to use our skills and expertise where we can offer the most value.

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