How can SMS help your business?

Contact your customers with a channel that they are comfortable with by using our SMS platform either manually, by schedule or automatically via an API.

SMS offers personalised, real time engagement with an average read rate of 98%. Our platform allows corporate presence by delivering text messages from your business name, holding data centrally and securely. Predefined templates and dynamic fields ensure texts are standardised and professional regardless of which employee sends them.

  • Deliver text messages from your business name
  • Appointment confirmations and reminders, last minute cancellations and notifications, booking or product updates.
  • Send text messages individually or in bulk
  • Immediate or scheduled.
  • Auto response messages containing links to webpages, documents or preconfigured mobile sites.
  • Create templates for standardised messages
  • Include links and/or new product information and combine with vouchers or discounts.
  • Mobile Surveys / Forms
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Vouchers / Loyalty Cards

Download our SMS Platform Factsheet for more information and get in touch to get started.

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