Finding a cost-effective multi-channel platform that can manage all your non-voice customer contact channels – chat, email, social media, can be challenging. Cloud9 Business Services can help you implement a solution to do just that. Tailored to your business, our multi-channel solutions provide flexible and highly competitive packages whether you’re a start-up or a large service-led business.

And to ensure you get the most from our platform, we also provide you with an outstanding training package to get your team up and running as quickly as possible.

If you are looking to introduce a multi-channel solution, whether stand alone or to support your existing voice platform, Cloud9 Engage could be the perfect solution. Scroll down to find out why.

Cloud9 Engage

At Cloud9 Business Services we want to offer you the most flexible and cost-effective multi-channel solution available. That’s what our Cloud9 Engage multi-media platform delivers. By using Cloud9 Engage, you can meet all your customer communication needs without huge expense or operational upheaval.

A Multi-Channel Solution to Make Your Customer Communication Process Easier

If your business only offers a telephone number or email address for your customers to contact you, it may be time to look at a more comprehensive service. Increasingly, customers don’t want to call you and if you’re like many businesses, you will be encouraging them to use alternative channels. It’s easier to start an online chat or use social media. Cloud9 Engage allows your team and your customers to do just that.

Our starting package provides a platform for 5 agents and includes:

  • SMS messaging (you will pay a small annual rental for this number)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Livechat
  • Whats App chat channel (additional subscriptions required)
contact centre communications package

Cloud9 Engage provides all the features your operatives need to manage conversations with your customers. You have total flexibility to set up the system, so each incoming message gets to your agent most able to respond. Features include:

  • Set up users by team – Supervisor, agent, salesperson etc all have their defined roles so you can segment what they see and how they use the system
  • Agents online – see who is logged on and who is accepting chats
  • Note function – add notes about any interactions so any other agent can understand what’s happening with that customer
  • Tag calls – by age range, customer type, sales campaign code, solution code, in fact anything you want to report on.
  • Full customer view – your agents can see each channel that a customer uses from SMS to Facebook, Livechat to Twitter
  • Last agent routing – allow your customers to reconnect with the agent who has previously supported them
  • Reporting – gain valuable insights into your customer interactions by producing reports that deliver the data you need to analyse
  • Templates – pre-load agent scripts for ending interactions, dealing with agent abuse, signposting, product information, sales closing, managing difficult issues and similar features
  • Global Messaging – ensures that your brand and the messages you send to your customers are consistent across every channel you offer
  • Rule creation – restrict the number of chats per agent, putting unresponsive chats back into the queue, placing unresponsive clients on hold, whatever rules you need to define around your people and the platform, the system will make it easy for you to create
  • GDPR settings – it’s never been more important to record your customers’ privacy preferences. You can hold these in Cloud9 Engage from ‘right to be forgotten’ to communication preferences.
contact centre support and training

Extra Features You May Need

Cloud9 Engage is rich in standard multi-channel features. However, as you grow you may need additional functionality. Be assured that our platform has plenty of options to meet those needs. Here are some of the add-ons you can integrate into Cloud9 Engage at extra cost:

Trigger Events – if a customer wants to buy your product, you can build a workflow to do that. If a customer has a major product issue, you can book a service visit and follow up call. Whatever your trigger events, Cloud9 Engage can help you manage each one with ease.

Social Mentions – customers go to social media to find out more about a potential supplier and more than ever to complain. Social Mentions functionality gives you the ability to take a holistic view of your social media platforms alerting you every time and wherever your company is mentioned, whether positive or negative. That way you can respond quickly and effectively to every comment or issue.

Chatbot Integration – more businesses are investing in AI to provide quicker responses and be available 24/7 to customers. If you use a chatbot or want to develop one for your customers, Cloud9 Engage can integrate with it seamlessly.

The beauty of Cloud9 Engage is that it is an open platform. This means it’s easy to develop additional features and integrate apps.

Why Cloud9 Engage is the right multi-channel solution for your business

Cloud9 Engage is designed to give your business many of the features available on larger enterprise platforms at a fraction of the cost. With no large capital outlay, a monthly subscription of just £300 a month gives you all the system features outlined above for 5 members of your team. If you want to scale up, it’s only £35 a month per person. And it’s just as easy to scale down. If you reduce your number of users, just tell us and we’ll remove them from the following month.

This level of flexibility allied to the range of features available makes Cloud9 Engage a compelling proposition.

But that’s not all. Cloud9 Engage gives you much more to help you run an effective customer contact centre:


One of the most important things Cloud9 Engage can do for your business is to give you data that delivers clear insights into your business’s performance and customer activity.

You can see the most popular communication channels, how much time is spent on each, your most productive agents, report on your call tags so you can see the effectiveness of sales campaigns, biggest service issues, customers by age and so much more.

If you want to really understand what your customers are asking for and how they are experiencing your business, Cloud9 Engage reporting will give you a better view than you’ve ever had before.

Webchat is managed on the platform not the web

Why is this important? Because from a development perspective, there is no additional integration to programme. Your graphics and functionality are all designed within the platform, so time to develop and the work involved are much less than chat systems on the web. This simplicity means minimal reliance on IT and web designers and significantly lower costs.

System Set-Up

To get the most from your system you need to know that it has been set up to work in the way your business and customers need it to.

We review each of your channel needs. Whether you only use SMS or Facebook or need a variety of messaging options for your customers, we can set up each one according to your processes, your customer requirements and your agent needs. From opening hours to auto responses, we take every element of your business that has an impact on your customers and ensure it is reflected in the system set-up.

We also produce any documentation you need for ongoing reference. That includes processes, the set-up configuration, policies and so on.

We have twenty years’ experience of helping businesses get the most from their communication systems. That means we have dealt with most of the challenges you are likely to face. And that results in a solution that really works for you.

Training Your Team

Once your system is ready to go, you need to know that your team can use it comfortably. Our training process is perfectly geared to help small businesses get the best out of Cloud9 Engage. We spend some time with your team understanding how you work. Then we either train all your agents or a core of people you designate internally to train them.

Your team also needs to understand why the system works in the way that it does. That way they see things in context and comply fully with the agreed processes. We don’t train people to just press buttons and follow a succession of keystrokes. We make sure they know the impact of each action on their role and for your business.

Whatever your needs, we provide comprehensive training material, tailored to your processes, and designed to get your people working effectively with the platform as quickly as possible.

contact centre training

System Support

One of the key reasons to work with Cloud9 is the way we stay with you for as long as you use our platform. We see our role as your guiding hand. If anything goes wrong, you’d like to try something and don’t know how, or you just want to check you are doing the right things, we’ll be there for you to manage every issue whatever it may be.

The most important message is that once you have taken delivery of our platform, we don’t walk away leaving you to get on with it. We create an ongoing relationship with you to ensure you get exactly what you paid for and hopefully, more!

Why not contact us today and take your multi-channel communications to a new level? We’ll find out exactly what you need through a series of carefully designed operational questions. Once we have a better understanding of your business, we’ll ensure that you get a system that perfectly matches your needs.

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