Office 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft as part of the MS Office product suite. Many organisations either have Office 365 or are migrating to it in order to take advantage of the many business benefits.

Placing aside the technical benefits, from a collaborative working point of view, we now have an incredibly valuable set of tools that are available on any device from any location – this is a fantastic opportunity to embrace new, smarter ways of working.

However, there is a common assumption that as it is Microsoft all users will automatically know how to use the tools effectively and will by default start working in a collaborative manner.

In reality, whilst some users will indeed embrace new ways of working, the majority of users need some encouragement and will need to understand how to use the technology and how it can work for them and their teams.

How can Cloud9 Business Services help?


Our experienced team can work with your organisation to create / review the communications and collaborative working strategy in line with overall business goals. We can engage with departments and specific teams to understand current challenges and future objectives in order to provide recommendations.

User Adoption:

There are many generic user adoption tools available online, many of which are useful to a point, however, none of those will be specific to your business and your specific environment.

Users engage more with new tools when they understand the benefits to their own working day and how new processes can impact others. We have a variety of methods available, all with their own merit depending on objectives, time scales and budget.

End User Training:

Whilst you can hop online and grab some vanilla MS training, Cloud9 Business Services’ Training is tailor-made to your business to ensure that it is engaging and specific to you.

For example, if you are moving from a personal network drive to Onedrive, what do we need to consider for your specific users? Will their documents be migrated or will the user be responsible for this activity? Is it feasible to sync documentation with their device? Are there security elements to be considered? Will the user need to enable multi-factor authentication?

Training may be focussing on a business need rather than a specific application – eg Workshops for remote teams.


There is some generic documentation available online for users, however, this information is as it sounds – written for one size fits all. There may be references to tools that have been disabled or limited, or perhaps terminology may be industry standard but not applicable to your organisation.

Whatever the reason it is easy to lose the attention of end users if they can’t quickly see the relevance to them and their organisation. Cloud9 Business Services can provide customised user documentation focusing on key areas that meet corporate strategic objectives.

Engaging with Cloud9 Business Services?

Cloud9 Business Services provide bespoke proposals allowing clients and business partners to use our skills and expertise where we can offer the most value. Please get in touch to discuss specific Office 365 needs.

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