Corporate Mobiles

We work with the top suppliers to provide competitive corporate mobile solutions either by porting your existing numbers or by providing new ones. Data allocation can be provided by Individual contracts or corporate contracts with a pool of data can be provided.

We can provide these as separate bills or combined with other services provided by Cloud9 Business Services.

What are the Most Popular Tariffs?

For most of us, it is pretty much taken for granted that we will get unlimited local, national and calls to standard mobiles free of charge within our contracts. We are no different! So let’s look at the data side of things.

These are our most popular tariffs*, however, it should be noted that tariffs change regularly and often for the better so do get in touch for an accurate quotation.

There are no minimum users for these contracts.

Data included 5GB 20GB 40GB Unlimited**
Cost (per SIM per month, excl VAT)* £15.95 £17.95 £19.95 £22.00

Data included 5GB 10GB 20GB Unlimited**
Cost (per SIM per month, excl VAT)* £15.95 £17.95 £22.95 £28.95

*correct at time of time of website update.

** All unlimited features are subject to the networks own “Fair Usage Policy”


How do I move my mobiles to Cloud9 Business Services?

First of all we will help you choose the mobile solution for your business, this might be a mixture of tariffs depending on the users’ needs. Often businesses overspend by looking at a one size fits all contract based on their busiest team members!

On agreement of the proposed solution new SIM cards are sent out to the individual users. We can activate the SIM(s) on receipt (just in case they go missing in the post!) for all new mobile numbers.

If you have staff who wish to keep their existing mobile number, we need a “PAC code” from your current provider. This is easily obtained via a SMS service. On receipt of the relevant PAC codes we can port your numbers to the new SIM cards on a date agreed by you.

Do you provide smart phone devices?

We can provide smart phone devices, however, unless you require a large number we recommend that you look for handsets separately.

We pride ourselves on providing good advice and the truth is that there are often special offers from the manufacturers that work out better value! In addition it is possible to buy some good condition handsets / smart phone devices that have been refurbished, these are more than suitable for the majority of staff.

Can we pool our mobile data across all users?

Absolutely! If you have a larger workforces with a wide variety of users eg some are for “on call only” or mostly working on WiFi whilst others are on the road all the time using 3/4G data, data pooling can work well.

However, for a low number of users, individual contracts are often more cost effective. Cloud9 Business Services can work with you to recommend the best solution.

Can I use my SIM for data only devices?

The mobile networks typically expect to see a mixture of data and voice activity on mobile phone contracts. However, some providers offer data only SIMs that are suitable for these devices. Let us know a bit more background information and we can recommend the most suitable options.