If you’re looking for a partner who can help you implement a contact centre system for your client, provide a deeper understanding of their needs and train them so they get the most from it, Cloud9 Business Services is the answer.

Cloud9 was set up by people who come from a partner background, have worked with the technology for years and really know how to add value to your proposition.

We have been on both sides, so we also recognise how essential it is to understand your customers. That means we get maximum people engagement and great results every time. All whilst advocating your message.

How Cloud9 Consultancy Could Help Your Business

The easiest answer to this is that we do the necessary groundwork that will maximise the likelihood of your projects being a success. What does that look like?

  • Document the existing contact centre infrastructure uses and what its activities are
  • Identify what customer interactions are managed every day
  • Build understanding of customer profiles and expectations
  • Identify the right terminology and language to meet each customer’s needs
  • Design routing, queuing, messaging, and any other key processes that are essential to the project
  • Define business goals driving the project
  • Provide consultation on Teams Voice integration
  • Draw up a test plan and implement UAT
  • Define training needs and create a training plan
  • Create user guides, process documents and any additional documentation required.

Your clients are complex. The systems you deliver to them are too. You cannot do that successfully without building a comprehensive understanding of your customer first. By employing our expertise, we can help you consistently deliver success to your customers.


You know that delivering a system to your client is only half the job. Unless the team using it are comfortable with the functionality, and any operational issues have been addressed, the chances are that you will have an unhappy customer on the phone.

Cloud9 Business Services provides contact centre system training on a range of systems that will help your client implement their new system quickly and without fuss.

We recognise that one size does not fit all where training is concerned. We have a carefully designed process to define a training plan before we start. We look at the system currently in use (if any), levels of competence with contact centre functionality within the business, who needs to be trained, the training environment being created, typical customer sales and service scenarios, key areas of focus and much more. Most importantly, we tailor the plan to the number of days you have sold to your customer.

Once the plan is in place, we work with your client stakeholders to deliver training in a way that really engages the teams involved. We can help your clients create training rooms allowing agents to practice on systems. We’ll work on classroom style training that doesn’t overload the trainees and makes learning the new system an enjoyable experience.

We also provide the necessary documentation to leave with the team so they have processes to refer back to when we’ve left the building.

Training is key to delivering a great experience for your customers. Partner with Cloud9 Business Services and ensure that your customers receive the best training available in their new contact centre system.

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Expand your Professional Services Portfolio

Imagine if you could add more revenue-generating services to your portfolio. With Cloud9 Business Services as your business partner you can.

Use our expertise to deliver more consultancy packages, targeted training modules or add UAT to your product list.

Add Documentation and Process Design to your portfolio and deliver real value to your clients as well as increasing sales margin.

With Cloud9 Business Services you can provide a complete package of services from the system through to training and consultancy providing the best experience for your customers.

When we engage with your customers, we may get asked questions that relate to products outside of our remit. That’s why we liaise with you to understand exactly how you want to manage non-project requirements. We still have the expertise so if you want us to, we can help your customer and potentially help you sell more products.

Increasing Sales Conversion

Have you ever wished you had someone working with you on your sales pitches who is an expert in contact centre systems? Someone who can present product demos with aplomb, overcome concerns about potential issues and help the customer understand the implementation process in all its detail?

Well now you can. Cloud9 Business Services collaborates with a wide range of resellers to increase the probability of sales conversion and provide a better customer experience. Using a very commercial approach, not only do we aim to secure your sales targets, we work with you to increase revenue and margins from your sales.

Managing Your Procurement Process

Many of your customers cannot simply review the market for a new system. A carefully laid down approach using a tender process is required.

Cloud9 Business Services specialises in helping clients create a tender document, manage the legal process, select the right framework, and create a scoring and evaluation process.

We can work with you to ensure your client does not take a generic approach to tendering and will create a process designed to extract the knowledge needed to make an informed decision based on an objective and analytical evaluation system.

Why Choose Cloud9?

      • We come from partner backgrounds. We know the challenges you face, and we know how to help you overcome them. It also means we can represent you on conference calls and in person with your clients without any fear that we will let you down. We won’t!
      • We will work closely with your customers as more than implementation or training specialists. We often call customers and prepare them for a training session before we arrive, we follow up after the session to make sure everything is working as it should. Our aim is to deliver a successful project for you whatever it takes.
      • You can be assured that we have a structure to our implementations. That way you get consistent delivery against deadlines and objectives. But we also recognise that things don’t always go to plan. We are a business that is large enough to provide the professionalism and cover that you need but small enough to genuinely care. It gives us great flexibility and means if something must change quickly on a project or goes wrong on a training day, we can manage it without fuss. You won’t hear us say ‘It has to be that way’.
      • We make a point of integrating with your team as closely as possible to deliver a successful project every time. We regularly liaise directly with the project engineers. This allows us to work on the project with the people on the frontline, speeding up the process and making it easier for all concerned. But communication is vital to us and so we always report back to your project manager to ensure everybody knows what is happening.
      • Customer experience and satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We see it as our job to make your organisation look as professional as possible to all your clients. This means you can be guaranteed that if we say we are going to do something, we will. It’s one of our fundamental business values.
      • Professionalism is everything to us. We know what you need as a partner and you’ll find us responsive to every request, every engagement with you and your clients with a sharp eye for detail that delivers exactly what your project is designed to achieve.

If you are looking for a commercial partner to help you increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and speed up implementation of your contact centre systems, you really should talk to us at Cloud9.

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