At Cloud9 Business Services, we don’t believe in one size fits all. A voice platform that works perfectly for one business may not come close to meeting the needs of another one. That’s why we offer a range of solutions that can meet all budgets, from starter systems to the most complex requirements.

To make this work it’s important to understand your business in detail from infrastructure to customer requirements, systems you use through to your business goals. We specialise in this consultative approach and it’s why so many of our projects help our customers to grow their businesses and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Scroll down to find out more about the contact centre solutions that could be perfect for you.

The Contact Centre Platform Designed for SMEs

We know you have lots to do just running your business and looking after your customers. Customers want to contact you easily, getting to the right place as quickly as possible. That’s why Cloud9 Business Services’ platform is designed to help your team deliver great service without you having to spend lots of time setting up your infrastructure.

Everything You Need to Run a SME Contact Centre:

Managing Your Calls

Our platform can be tailored to your needs:

  • Cloud based telephony – more resilient, far more flexible, and continually updated
  • Handsets or softphones – whether your team is in the office on a traditional handset, or you have people at home or mobile working, the system is set up to route calls to them wherever they are, whenever they are available
  • Call routing – set up groups, where and who you want calls to be routed to
  • Call Recording – Many businesses need call recording for staff training and to help resolve customer issues. An ideal solution is built into our platform (Please note that this solution is not PCI compliant for payment transactions)
  • Call Queueing – when you have multiple incoming calls to your business, it’s important to get to your customers as quickly as you can. The queueing system included can be configured in a way that works for your business and ensures that your customers get through to the right person quickly and efficiently
  • Agent Availability – Sometimes members of your team will not be available. Whether on lunchbreak or handling a customer issue, the ability to use Not Ready or Not Available functionality means your customers will not be routed to agents who can’t answer their calls
  • CRM Integration – Your people will almost certainly be talking to your customers whilst adding information to your CRM system. The platform has been designed to integrate with many CRM systems through APIs (an interface that connects the contact centre system to the CRM). That way your people can work far more productively – better for your customers, better for your business
  • Reporting – If you want to offer a great service to your customers, you need to be able to measure it. The system reporting suite gives you all the data you need to understand speed of response, call volumes, team productivity, resource requirements and many more
  • Wallboard Integration – as you grow, you may find it easier to make your phone activity more visible. Wallboards provide an immediate snapshot of call activity at that moment and how the team is performing against KPIs you set throughout the day. They are a great way to run incentives, improve performance and make everyone aware of their responsibilities.
contact centre email chat social media
call centre with chat and social channel

Managing Email, Chat and Social Media Channels

The beauty of working with Cloud9 is that you get the best voice system for your contact centre and the best multi-channel communication platform to operate alongside it. Cloud9 Engage is specifically designed to help your business communicate across all channels. To find out more click here.

System Set-Up

To get the most from your system you need to know that it has been set up to work in the way your business and your customers need it to.

We review how your customers contact you. A deep analysis provides insight into the following:

  • the quickest routes to the right members of your team
  • messaging
  • menu options
  • call queuing
  • agent features
  • reporting requirements

We produce the required documentation to support your teams in the future, so you have full access to procedures, policies, and the configuration of your system.

We also specialise in User Acceptance Testing to check that everything you have requested is working as it should. This takes a lot of expertise to ensure that the testing programme is robust and follows your processes. This is an essential part of your implementation process.

We work to ensure your team will get a system that makes their lives easier and provides a much better service to your customers. We have twenty years’ experience of helping businesses get the most from their communication systems. That means we have dealt with most of the challenges you are likely to face. And that delivers a system for you and your team that works exactly as you need it to.

Training Your Team

Once your system is ready to go, you need to know that your team can use it comfortably. Our training process is perfectly geared to help your business get the best out of your contact centre system. We spend time with your team understanding how you work. Then we either train all your agents or a core of people you designate internally to train them.

Either way, we provide comprehensive training material tailored to your processes, and designed to get your people working effectively with the platform as quickly as possible.

Your team also needs to understand why the system works in the way that it does. That way they see things in context and comply fully with the agreed processes. We don’t train people to just press buttons and follow a succession of keystrokes. We make sure they know the impact of each action on their role and for your business.

A good example: every time an agent takes a break they must make themselves unavailable and log the reason why. This is not a case of ‘Big Brother’ watching them. It means that customer calls cannot be mis-routed to them and you can map busy periods for incoming calls against available resource. Understanding that helps you plan and identifies pressures on agents left to manage busy workloads.

Cloud9’s contact centre systems are designed to give you the features you need with the ability to scale up or down quickly and easily, based on seasonal requirements or business changes.

bespoke contact centre training
contact centre support and training

System Support

One of the key reasons to work with Cloud9 is the way we stay with you for as long as you use our platform. We see our role as your guiding hand. If anything goes wrong, you’d like to try something and don’t know how, or you just want to check you are doing the right things, we’ll be there for you to manage every issue whatever it may be.

The most important message is that once you have taken delivery of our platform, we don’t walk away leaving you to get on with it. We create an ongoing relationship with you to ensure you get exactly what you paid for and hopefully, more!

Why not contact us today and take your contact centre functionality to a new level? We’ll find out exactly what you need through a series of carefully designed operational questions. Once we have a better understanding of your business, we’ll ensure that you get a system that perfectly matches your needs.

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Solutions for Established Contact Centres

If you’re a larger business or have more complex service requirements, you will almost certainly need more functionality to provide the kind of service that sets you apart from your competitors. As with our SME solutions, we don’t believe one size fits for all.

We take you through a detailed discovery process, ‘The Four Pillars’ that answers four key questions:


What infrastructure do you use today?


How is it working for you?


How large is your team and how much growth are you forecasting?


What do you want to achieve?

We aim to make sure your business can take calls as easily as possible and move from one communication type to another seamlessly. The right contact centre system will ensure your business never misses a sales opportunity, improves customer response times and customer satisfaction generally.

There are many solutions on the market you could use to run your contact centre. Our job is to make sure you choose the right one for your business and your budget.

We work with some of the largest and most successful system providers in the market including:

avaya contact centre supplier reseller
enghouse contact centre supplier reseller
8x8 contact centre supplier reseller

Once we have completed a detailed fact-finding process, we will recommend the system that we believe best meets your needs. We also make sure that you have access to all the functionality included to meet your goals. That includes:

  • Complex call routing – design exactly the journey of a call through your business
  • Call recording – including PCI compliant solutions. All stored securely in the cloud.
  • Workforce Management – take full control over resource management in your business and give your team more control over time off, scheduling and training needs
  • Detailed Reporting – All the data you need to understand customer and team activity, at your fingertips – Response times, time on hold, number of calls in total and per agent, average time per call and so much more
  • Resource Flexibility – Add or remove agents to your system as you need them, quickly and easily – no fuss, low cost
  • CRM Integration – Improve agent productivity by integrating your phone and CRM systems. One screen, many functions
  • Call Analytics – get closer than ever to your customers by gaining deeper insights into the conversations you have with them. From tone of voice, to swear words, keywords and trigger events, call analytics can transform your team’s ability to deliver great service to your customers
  • Call Listening – Give your supervisors the ability to listen in to calls so your team can get immediate feedback and can be coached through difficult situations
  • Resilience Planning – Ensure your disaster recovery plans are fully covered with cloud-based systems that allow you to continue working even if your office has had a major event. Particularly useful in a pandemic!

Managing Your Procurement Process

You may have carefully designed processes for procuring systems and larger contracts through a tender process.

Cloud9 Business Services specialises in helping clients create a tender document, manage the legal process, select the right framework, and create a scoring and evaluation process.

We recommend not to use a generic approach to tendering for telecoms and contact centre systems. There are many things to think about when making your selection. It’s essential that your process gives you the ability to gain the knowledge you need to make that decision.

Why not contact us today and take your contact centre functionality to a new level? We’ll take you through our ‘Four Pillars’ process. Once we have a better understanding of your operation, we’ll ensure that you get a system that perfectly matches your business needs.

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